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Specialized Teenage counseling:

Teenage is a very crucial period in the life of every person. During this age, people suffer from many psychological problems and they are prone to lot of confusion.
The result is Depression, leading to suicide or murder. The recent incident in Gurgav is substantial evidence. We give specialized counseling for such people and help them to plan their future well.

Now teenage children are facing lot of Tension and stress due to studies and because of the stress created by parents as well as excess of competition. We organize a special computer test, which contain a questionnaire. Based on this test, we can perfectly analyze and advice them which profession would suit them the best. And we are providing memory programs to improve their memory and concentration.

The adolescent youth are puzzled because of changes in their emotions caused by hormones. The changes in their physical body battle them with many questions. Adolescence is the age that requires right counseling. We specialize in counseling for teenagers and through special methods, we assure clarity of thought and understanding in them.

Misleading cinemas, bad friendships, and bad habits like smoking, alcoholism spoil the teenagers. Only specialized counseling can save such youth.

But, in this modern era, where employed parents lack sufficient time to counsel their teenage children, we undertake this responsibility with lot of care and dedication. We give special counseling to parents which help them to up bring their children in a fruitful manner.

Programs of personality development:
According to modern research, the secular education and degrees play a little role in the success of an individual, whereas, the personality development plays a major role. We have special personality development techniques and programs which ensure truly successful future for the adolescents.

Nowadays suicidal &homicidal tendencies are increasing in adolescent children for each and every Small problem, whichever they are facing in daily life; they are making attempts like this. So, they need more training in personality development and we have to educate them about 'moral values'. We have to support them emotionally as well as morally.

Diet Counseling.
In this age physical growth is at a faster rate. They grow taller and gain weight for which they need nutritious food .Usually this age group children go for junk food which is harmful and non-nutritious.

So we are explaining them about the importance of nutritious foods at this age,' how much they have to take and what foods they have to take for their healthy growth.

Health & Hygiene
We will explain them about the teenage health problems and hygiene. We will take care of the hormonal changes during this age and we will support the emotional outbreaks at this age. We will outline the teenage vaccinations.

Some other programs like weight correction for obese teenagers, speech therapy, NLP programs are also conducting in our institute.

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